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Smiths Falls Pedal and Paddle!

Outdoor Recreational Rentals

Serving the Rideau River/Lake

and surrounding waterways.

May to October

E bikes, Bicycles, Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards

Hourly, daily or multi day rentals.

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  • Paddle the Rideau Canal, an UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Explore the Swale, a class 1 wetland

  • Float around Lower Reach and try to out fish the resident Osprey (includes paddles, PFD, safety kit)


Canoe: includes Rideau Canal Paddle Pass

100/4 -6 hrs

Cottager special:
*$60day multi day rental (3 or more)

*Free delivery within 20 km of Smiths Falls

SUP/Kayak: Only Kayaks incl. Rideau Canal Paddle Pass


$80/4 to 6hrs

Cottager Special: *$50/day multi day rental (3 or more)

*Free delivery within 20km of Smiths Falls

Picnic & Paddle

The Swale

Class 1 Wetland

Bike For a Day (includes helmet)

  • Window shop downtown via our separated signal controlled bike lanes,

  • Visit The Heritage House and Railway museums

  • Navigate the Smiths Falls heritage trail and ride the Cataraqui! (A link in the Trans Canada Trail).

  • Hybrid commuter, and mountain bikes (Men's, Ladies and Youth)



$35/day multi day rental


$50/day multi day rental

Much like our town we like to step to the future with a foot in the past. Therefore we believe in using bicycles refurbished by licensed bicycle technicians at Basically Bikes in Jasper. We have also engaged Heritage Bikes in Perth for our Ebikes and are thankful for their support.

Cataraqui Trail

Rideau River

Lower Reach Park

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